Having a manifest

I think everybody should have their own manifest. A simple set of rules that guides them through life. It doesn’t have to be fixed, it can change, remove and add rules in the light of experiences you have.

A manifest must be in a loop with the character of a person. A manifest should strengthen the character and the character should strengthen the manifest.

Character traits are too general to create actions. For example, you can believe that you are a hard working person and still try to do everything at the last second after doing all the fun stuff. However, if you use a sentence in your manifest like this “I do the fun stuff after the work” and live by this rule you created, then you can strengthen that trait of yours.

A manifest also makes you more confident in your actions. When you have more rules, you have less decisions to make for yourself. Thus, more space for everything else. Here is a great line for a personal manifest.

Minimize decisions you make everyday to create more space for everything else.

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